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Max Kinnings

Max Kinnings is a novelist and screenwriter and is the author of BAPTISM and the forthcoming, SACRIFICE, thrillers that feature blind hostage negotiator, Ed Mallory. Both books are published by Quercus Books in paperback and Kindle download. A film adaptation of Baptism, his first novel, is in the works, directed by Phil Hawkins for The Philm CompanyHe is Head of Subject in Creative Writing at London’s Brunel University. Visit Max's Blog Here

September 9, 2103 - Behind the Scenes of the Baptism Trailer

Work continues on the screen adaptation of Baptism. Hoping to bring you some exciting news soon. In the meantime, here’s a short film made by Gareth Gatrell and the Philm Company that goes behind the scenes of the Baptism spec trailer.

September 9, 2103 - Writing for New Audiences

dig_humanities_logoOn July 9th, I hosted a workshop at the Digital Humanities @ Oxford Summer School 2013. The event’s organiser, Pip Willcox, asked me to speak about ”Writing For New Audiences” and I’m extremely grateful to her for allowing me the opportunity to do so. It was an enjoyable experience to step outside my usual comfort zone of writing novels and screenplays, and teaching creative writing at Brunel University. In preparation for the workshop, I set about considering the nature of writing in the digital realm and also the audiences – the end users or consumers – for whom one writes. While the talk was aimed specifically at the audience of arts and humanities academics at the summer school, hopefully it might be of interest to others who write and present their work on the web. You can watch it here: 

Max's novel, Baptism, which Mystery People Magazine describes as: “Nerve-racking, impeccably researched…ratchets up the suspense to an almost unbearable level." is soon to hit the big screen. Watch the film trailer and then read the first chapter of his new novel, Sacrifice, the second of a series that features blind hostage negotiator, Ed Mallory Sacrifice, here

August, 2103 - 7 Reasons Why Studying Screenwriting Can Make You A Better Novelist


In this game, it’s a given the script development model is king. Start with a logline and a pitch then develop them into a short form outline with character biographies. Then, work up a longer scene-by-scene outline that you might want to call a treatment – or you might not depending on which screenwriting books you read – and then, hey presto, you “go to script” – and there it is, a first draft screenplay. It’s like growing a plant and once it’s grown, you water it with rewrites. Or maybe you prefer the architect’s plans metaphor? Regardless, the script development model has achieved its ubiquity because it works. Only it doesn’t always work of course. There are bound to be exceptions and people love to cite the exceptions. But they are just that, exceptions that prove a rule.

So what happens if you take that script development model and transfer it to the world of novel writing? Is that a good idea? Anecdotal evidence from Creative Writing students of mine over the past few years would indicate that the rules of screenwriting are worth knowing and considering when writing a novel. And here’s why:

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