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Robin Knight - Her Cool Blog About Cool Apps

Robin Knight is our trusted Final Cut Pro classroom proctor, screenwriter extraordinaire who works in professional sports (MLB and more!). Read her blog for cool apps and crazy insights into working in the film and sports worlds.

Hitch Hiking Ghosts

HM_Disney_Cemetery4Okay… BOO!  Scared ya… scared ya!  HA!  Stop!  Time to dig deep down into your soul and be honest with yourself.  Really, REALLY honest!  Are you ready?  Here goes!

CANDY!   Candy is WAY BETTER when you get it by TRICK OR TREATING!!!

THERE!  Now, be honest!!!  I mean, you can cheat yourself of the truth, but whooooo are you really fooling?  When you were 8 years old and you dressed up as a ghost or a baseball player or Star Wars character and went door-to-door scaring or charming your neighbors, the innocent fun got rewarded with a piece of yummy-ness.  (yeah, sure, you can get candy any day at Rite-aid… and Halloween candy ON SALE the day AFTER Halloween… but let’s keep our focus here!  Because THAT candy does NOT taste anywhere as good as door-to-door Halloween candy!  Not even close!  Even if it’s the same stuff… NOPE!  Because you had a blast trick-or-treating with your pals!)

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IMG_1838Okay... my beloved Dodgers are done for 2013.  Even though we (yes, always WE... I never abandon a sinking ship)... yeah, WE kinda fizzled out in the National League Championship Series to a super solid St. Louis Cardinals team...  that was after WE had a wild season!  What a run!  Here's to the 2014 DODGERS!

Let there be more magic and rainbows! (these were from a day Vin Scully was honored on the field.  A rainbow for Vin… doesn’t get any better than that!)

Vin Vin… he’ll be back in his booth next season… we are soooo lucky! I now hafta root for the Cardinals in the World Series…

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Magic Castle... Bees... and More...


Okay… I’m baaaaack!  After a little hiatus while the regular baseball season wound down and we dove into playoffs!  Well, more like dove-for-flyballs-and-bases into playoffs.   Hmmm… not sure that landed, but you get what I was going for.  Ha!

Yasiel Puig doing his thing!  (and hope you noticed our one-of-a-kind pitcher in there, Clayton Kershaw.  What a pitcher!!!  On a side note, Kershaw and his wife do a lot of beautiful outreach in Africa with kids.  Pretty cool when athletes do beautiful stuff OFF the playing fields and courts, too!  Albert Pujols does a lot as well… man, a LOT of athletes do… wayyyy more than you think!)

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Baseball on Your Phone

Screen_Shot_2013-11-01_at_7.23.21_AMOkay, an iPhone is great for a lot of things, right?!  Checking emails, texting "be there in 5", taking pictures of your niece hanging upside down on the monkey bars at the playground or a video of your nephew jumping up and down when a freight train goes by, playing Words With Friends and...  sometimes even TALKING to someone on the phone! What a concept!  Sure, you can ditch it and not be reachable at all, not a bad thing sometimes, don’t you agree?  But, "here's the thing", as my nephew would say... with an iPhone and your imagination, you have endless 411 and fun right at your fingertips!

And if you're like me, on the go a LOT with your job and life (I work in film, theatre and professional sports), then a really big deal is = I don't have to bring my Macbook Pro along when I have my iPhone! Don’t get me wrong, it's great having my Mac B Pro along for the ride, it's sweet… but not very convenient when running from home plate to centerfield. HA!

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Racing, Drawing and the Godfather


Okay... (just so you know, I'm going to start every week with the word "okay", because it makes me smile!)... so...  "oooo-kayyyy", let’s talk about JUXTAPOSITION. 


This free app is great!  Sure, you can just type in the word you’re looking up, but there’s a cool voice recognition feature where you just click the little mic next to the search box, SAY the word and BOOM… it will pop up!   Plus there’s a thesaurus, example sentences and more…

Back to JUXTAPOSITION.  Okay, yeah, we see what the Dictionary tells us…  now let’s just think of it in the realm of storytelling.  Movies. GODFATHER.

In movies, Juxtaposition is the neighboring positioning of either two images, characters, objects… or two scenes in sequence, in order to compare and contrast them…. or establish a relationship between them.  A beautiful example is in THE GODFATHER (1972).  That famous, brilliant 'baptism scene' where we see the murders of the heads of various crime families juxtaposed with the baptism ceremony for Michael's god child.

Now let’s shift gears and use Juxtaposition for some other super fun stuff.  TWO MORE APPS.  You will love them.  Kids will, too.  My niece and nephew turned me onto these games… and we can play even when we are not together, which is fun, because then you sort of feel like you are.

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