Android App Development

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Google's open source operating system, Android, is installed in many millions of mobile devices worldwide and is poised to become the most widely used smartphone operating system in existence.  This 5 day course will provide the attendee with a practical, real-world perspective necessary to begin developing, testing and publishing Android applications right away.

Course Outline

Introduction and Setup

  • Android Studio Development Essentials Introduction
  • Setting up an Android Studio Development Environment
  • Creating an Example Android App in Android Studio
  • A Tour of the Android Studio User Interface
  • Creating an Android Virtual Device (AVD) in Android Studio
  • Testing Android Studio Apps on a Physical Android Device
  • The Basics of the Android Studio Code Editor

Android Architecture and State Changes

  • An Overview of the Android Architecture and State Changes
  • The Anatomy of an Android Studio Android Application
  • Understanding Android Application and Activity Lifecycles
  • Handling Android Activity State Changes in Android Studio
  • Android Activity State Changes - An Android Studio Example
  • Saving and Restoring Activity State in Android Studio

Views and Layouts

  • Understanding Android Views, View Groups and Layouts 
  • A Guide to the Android Studio Designer Tool
  • Designing a User Interface using the Android Studio Designer Tool
  • Creating an Android User Interface in Java Code 
  • Using the Android GridLayout Manager 
  • Working with the Android GridLayout using XML Layout Resources

Event Handling

  • An Overview of Event Handling
  • Android Touch and Multi-touch Event Handling 
  • Detecting Common Gestures using Android Studio and the Gesture Detector Class
  • Implementing Android Custom Gesture Recognition 

Advanced Layout and Transitions

  • An Introduction to Using Fragments  
  • Creating and Managing Overflow Menus 
  • Animating User Interfaces 
  • Using the Transitions Framework
  • An Android Studio Transition 
  • Using begin Delayed Transition
  • Implementing Android Scene Transitions 

Intents, Threads, and Services

  • An Overview of Intents i
  • Android Explicit Intents
  • Android Implicit Intents 
  • Broadcast Intents and Broadcast Receivers 
  • Android Threads and Thread Handlers
  • Understanding Android Started and Bound Services
  • Implementing an Android Started Service 
  • Implementing Local Bound Services 
  • Android Remote Bound Services 

Data Access and Storage

  • An Overview of Android SQLite Databases 
  • TableLayout and TableRow Tutorial
  • SQLite Database
  • Understanding Android Content Providers 
  • Content Provider Example
  • Accessing Cloud Storage using the Storage Access Framework 
  • Storage Access Framework

Multimedia, Maps and Printing

  • Android Studio VideoView and MediaController
  • Video Recording and Image Capture using Camera Intents
  • Android Studio Recording and Playback Example
  • Working with the Google Maps Android APIs
  • Printing with the Android Printing Framework 
  • HTML and Web Content Printing Example
  • Custom Document Printing Example

Final Build

  • Handling Different Android Devices and Displays
  • Generating a Signed Release APK File 
  • Google Play In-app Billing Tutorial
  • An Overview of Gradle 
  • Build Variants Example

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