Avid Media Composer - 4 Days

Video & Sound Editing
Tuesday, 01 June 2021 08:00 AM - Friday, 04 June 2021 04:00 PM

During this four day Avid Media Composer course, attendees will learn everything they need to know to achieve confidence using this versatile post-production software. Through immersive instruction and hands-on exercises, participants will master the interface and all of the creative editing tools and techniques which include; trimming, fine-tuning the edit, adjusting/mixing audio, multi-cam editing, adding transitions, designing titles, and outputting your finished project for screening and delivery. Avid remains a trusted mainstay in the post-production industry and can handle small and large projects with proven dependability. 

This course is taught Live On Line, so you can learn from the comfort of your home or office. Cost is $1,895.00 which includes all class materials - Class times: 8:00 am 4:00 pm PST.

If you don't own the software, you can download a free 30-day trial here

Course taught by an Avid Certified Instructor

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Basic knowledge of a Mac or PC computer

Video Editing terminology is helpful but not necessary

Course Outline

Introduction to Media Composer

Launching Media Composer

Understanding the Select Project Window

Learning the Interface

Working with Bins

Creating a New User Profile and Changing User Profiles

Personalizing the Application

Getting Started

Creating a New Project

Setting Up Your Project

How to Input Video and Audio Clips

Importing Media Files

Preparing to Edit

Saving Your Work

Building Your Sequence


Creating a New Sequence

Working with Tracks

Locating Audio Cues

Building Your Sequence with Splice-In

Editing with Overwrite

Removing Material from a Sequence

Essential Tools

Drag-and-Drop Editing in Segment Mode

Understanding the Smart Tool

Building a Montage with Drag-and-Drop

Adding Narration with Drag-and-Drop Overwrite

Editing Audio in the Sequence

Refining the Sequence

Moving Segments in the Timeline

Changing Shots in the Sequence

Deleting from the Timeline

Changing the Length of Timeline Segments

Exploring Trim Mode

Useful Tools

Introduction to Transition Effects

Creating Transition Effects

Modifying Transition Effects in the Timeline

Accessing Effects from the Effect Palette

Modifying Effects in Effect Mode

Creating Audio Crossfades

Introduction to Segment Effects

Adding Segment Effects

Stabilizing Shaky Footage

Using Automatic Color Correction to Improve the Footage

Hiding Jump Cuts with FluidMorph

Resizing a Shot

Using Standard Keyframes

Combining Multiple Effects

Nesting Effects

Changing the Order of Nested Effects

Freeze Frames and Motion Effects

Types of Motion Effects

Creating Freeze Frames

Creating Motion Effects

Creating Titles

Title Creation Tools

Quick View: The Avid Title Tool

Exporting Your Video

Exporting Your Video

Technical Fundamentals

Fixing Technical Problems

Troubleshooting Missing Media Files

Recovering Lost Work

Deleting Media

Fundamentals and Beyond

Fundamental Concepts

Learning the Basic Workflow

Going Beyond HD

Working in 4K

Creating a New Project

Setting up a Project

Inputting Media

Ways to Input Video and Audio Clips

Using the Source Browser

Linking Clips to Your Project

Importing Media Files

Importing Sequential Image Files

Copying and Converting Linked Media

Preparing Dailies

Prepping for the Edit

Adding Information to Dailies

Sorting the Bin

Filtering the Bin

Creating Subclips

Cloning Clips to Multiple Bins

Opening a Bin from Another Project

AutoSyncing Picture and Sound

Grouping Clips

Quick Editing Tools

Editing from the Bin

Creating a Stringout Sequence

Storyboard Editing

Cutting Down a Sequence with Top and Tail

Using the Extend Function

Using Markers

Mapping Buttons and Menus

Cutting and Recutting a Scene

Review of Basic Edit Tools

Selecting Multiple Segments

Alternate Ways to Use Sequences

Finding Alternative Shots

Essential Tools

Trimming Dialogue Scenes

Understanding Trim

The "Radio Edit" Technique

Exploring Trim Mode

Trimming On the Fly

Creating Split Edits

Maintaining Sync

Slipping and Sliding Segments

Mixing Sequence Audio

Mixing Audio Efficiently

Setting Up for Audio Mixing

Audio EQ Tool

Keyframing Volume and Pan Changes

Working with High-Resolution Images

Understanding Pan & Zoom Effects

Exploring the Source Settings Dialog Box

Using FrameFlex on 2K+ Clips

Creating a Pan and Zoom Effect with FrameFlex

Creative Retiming Effects

Review of Freeze Frames and Motion Effects

Creating Motion Effects to Fill a Duration

Creating Timewarp Effects

Timewarp Preset Effects

Creating a Timewarp Effect

Using the Anchor Frame

Tracking and Blurring Objects

Blurring Unwanted Objects

Creating a Blur Effect

Introduction to Multilayer Effects

Creating a Split-Screen Effect

Using Advanced Keyframe Graphs

Essential Tools

Nesting Multiple Effects

Nesting Effects

Changing the Order of Nested Effects

Editing Inside a Nest

Measuring Performance

Adjusting Playback Quality

Rendering Effects

Understanding ExpertRender

Creating ChromaKey Effects

Different Keying Types

Exploring the SpectraMatte

Viewing the Matte Channel

Cropping Out Garbage

Adjusting the SpectraMatte

Animated Titles & Graphics

Creating Titles with NewBlue Titler Pro

Creating a Title

AMA Linking to Real-Time Moving Matte Keys

Packaging and Export

Understanding the Review Process

Tools for Review

Preparing for Output

Packaging a Sequence

Exporting a File

Using the Send To Export Templates

Exporting XDCAM Media

Managing Project Media

Managing Your Media

Deleting Media Files

Understanding Consolidate and Transcode


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