Adobe InDesign - 4 Days

Adobe Creative Cloud
Tuesday, 15 June 2021 08:00 AM - Friday, 18 June 2021 04:00 PM

In this four day hands-on immersive Adobe InDesign course, attendees will learn how to create stunning designs for print, all kinds of digital media, and PDF presentations. Participants will build their skills through lab exercises and instructor-led demonstrations so they can become more and more confident and proficient in creating documents for publication in both print and electronic mediums. The course includes mastering advanced techniques to help graphic artists design publications that will look polished and professional.

This course is taught Live On Line, so you can learn from the comfort of your home or office. Cost is $1,950.00.00 which includes all class materials - Class times: 8:00 am 4:00 pm PST.

If you don't own the software, you can download a free 30-day trial here

Course taught by an Adobe Certified Instructor

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Basic knowledge of a Mac or PC computer

Basic knowledge of Photoshop is helpful

Course Outline

Application Overview

InDesign User Interface & Workspace

Keyboard Shortcuts & Custom Menus

Setting Preferences & Creating Custom Workspaces

Working with Panels

Viewing Guides

Preflighting as you work

Adding Text

Working with Styles

Working with Graphics

Working with Objects

Working with Object Styles

Viewing the Document in Presentation Mode

Adobe Bridge

File Management & Content Organization


Getting around and viewing documents 

Using the Navigator & Pages Panels 

Zooming In and Out

Using the Hand Tool 

Navigation Shortcuts

Page Setup and Layout

Document Setup & Presets using the Page Tool

Creating Text & Using Open Type Fonts

Placing, Manipulating & Editing Graphics

Content Grabber

Using Auto Fit

Creating & Applying Master Pages

Auto Page Numbering

Importing and Threading Text

Optical Kerning

Adding & Using Colors 

Swatches & Gradients

Creating a Color Set 

Exchanging Swatches with Suite Applications

Applying Fills and Strokes to Frames and Type

Formatting Type 

Bulleted Lists

Text Wraps

Creating & Applying Paragraph Styles, Character Styles and Object Styles

Using the Story Editor

Using Templates & Libraries 

Exchanging files between InDesign’s different versions

Creating and saving Custom Document Settings

Switching between open InDesign documents

Working with Master Pages

Applying Master Pages to Document Pages

Rearranging and Deleting Document Pages

Changing Page Sizes

Adding Sections to Change Numbering

Viewing Documents

Preparing for Handoff to a Service Provider

Preflighting Profiles & Packaging Files

Document Fonts Previewing 

Separations &Transparency

Printing and Exporting


Using Layers in InDesign publications

Creating Acrobat PDF Files

PDF Presets

Creating Documents for Print & Online 

PDF Export

Creating & Editing Tables

Creating and Importing Word Tables & Formatting Tables

Using Table & Cell Styles

Converting Text to a Table

Changing Rows and Columns

Adding Graphic to Table Cells

Creating a Header Row

Object Alignment and Applying Transparency & Effects

Aligning & Distributing Objects

Effects using Transparency

Blending Modes; Drop Shadows, Bevels and Glows

Feathered Objects Applied Independently to Objects

Fills, Text and Strokes 

Live Corner Effects

Typography and Shapes

Formatting text Inside a Shape 

Using Text Inset Spacing 

Using Type on a Path

Stroke Styles

Combining Images & Type

Outlined Type & Placing Images in Text 

Transforming Text & Effects

Adjusting Vertical Spacing

Working with Fonts, Type, Styles and Glyphs

Fine-tuning Columns

Changing Paragraph Alignment

Creating a Drop Cap

Adjusting Letter and Word Spacing

Adjusting Line Breaks

Setting Tabs

Paragraph Shading

Adding a Rule above a Paragraph

Working with Color

Managing Color

Defining Printing Requirements

Creating and Applying Colors

Working with Gradients

Creating a Tint

Creating a Spot Color

Applying Colors to Text and Objects

Using Advanced Gradient Techniques

Importing and Modifying Graphics

Adding Graphics from Other Programs

Comparing Vector & Bitmap Graphics

Managing Links to Imported Files

Updating Revised Graphics

Adjusting Display Quality

Working with Clipping Paths

Working with Alpha Channels

Importing Native Adobe Graphic Files

Using an InDesign Library to Manage Objects

Using Adobe Bridge to Import Graphics

Advanced Text Formatting

Using Find/Change to Cleanup Text

Creating Nested Styles & Cross References

Creating a Table of Contents & Using Tab Alignment

Using Next Style & Smart Text Reflow

Using Conditional Text & GREP

Balancing, Spanning & Splitting Text Columns

Live Captions

Finding and Changing a Different Font

Using the Story Editor

Tracking Changes

Drawing in InDesign

Working with Pen, Pencil & Smoothing Tools

Pathfinder & Compound Paths 

Converting Shapes

Editing Illustrator Artwork in InDesign

Working with Layered Photoshop Files

Automation & Interactivity

Using Scripts to Automate Tasks or Enhance InDesign Functions.

Using Data Merge

Multi-image Placement via Dynamic Grid 

Gap Tool

Adding Animation

States, Rollover Buttons & Video to InDesign Layouts 

Creating Interactive PDFs & SWF Files for Online Distribution

eBook Publishing

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