Adobe Illustrator - Advanced - 2 Days

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Tuesday, 18 August 2020 08:00 AM - Wednesday, 19 August 2020 04:00 PM

Unlock all of Adobe Illustrator’s software with this two-day immersive hands-on advanced course designed to provide an experienced user with high-end professional skills. The course explores complex drawing functions and how to colorize intricate line art. Attendees will also learn about applying dynamic effects, complex seamless tiling patterns, and work with 3D and perspective grids. After acquiring this knowledge and know-how, Graphic Artists will be able to fully realize their potential and will only be limited by their imaginations.

This course is taught Live On Line, so you can learn from the comfort of your home or office. Cost is $1,050.00 which includes all class materials - Class times: 8:00 am 4:00 pm PST.

If you don't own the software, you can download a free 30-day trial here

Course taught by an Adobe Certified Instructor

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Upcoming Class Dates: 

August 18-19, 2020



Adobe Illustrator - Fundamentals

Course Outline

Illustration of Scan Images

Drawing Basic Design Elements 

Colorizing Elements

More Colored Elements for Detail 

Creating Color Variations

Illustration of Black and White Design

Drawing the Outline & Basic Details, using the Pen Tool 

Creating Geometric Shapes, using the Ellipse Tool 

Drawing Free Form Shapes using the Blob Brush Tool

Creating a Custom Calligraphic Brush 

Creating a New Calligraphic Brush Variation 

Editing Shapes with the Eraser Tool

Varying Stroke Weights using the Width Tool

Creating a Custom Art Brush

Applying an Art Brush to Paths

Creating and Applying an Additional Art Brush 

Applying and Editing a Gradient

Adjusting Layer Order & Adding Last Details

Seamless Repeating Pattern Creation

Reflect, Scale & Groups to make the Base Design 

Blends to Repeat to Design Elements

Reflect, Scale & Groups for Design Elements 

Complex Blends to Repeat to Design Elements 

Aligning Shapes for Tiling Patterns

Creating a Tiling Pattern 

Applying & Modifying a Pattern 

Checking Pattern Accuracy

Logo Design Techniques

Setting up a New Document

Creating a Custom Color Gradient

Creating the Logo Elements

Adding Anchor Points & Splitting Paths 

Adding Line Segments & Aligning Paths 

Arranging & Joining Paths

Editing & Expanding Path Appearances 

Editing Shapes with Pathfinder

Splitting Paths

Creating Shape Interactions with Pathfinder

Adding Effects to the Logo

Creating Intricate Designs

Transforming Strokes & Managing Appearance

Converting Image to Vector Artwork

Using Image Trace

Editing Traced Vector Art in Illustrator 

Copying Artwork to a New Layer 

Recoloring Artwork

Creating Designs with Typography

Working with Type & Sampling Image Colors 

Creating Shapes from Type

Creating Paths to Enhance Letter Shapes 

Expanding Strokes & Combining with Letter Shapes 

Drawing and Reshaping Other Design Elements 

Reflecting & Copying Shapes

Extending & Editing Letter Shapes

Copying Design Elements & Organizing Layers 

Combining Shapes with Pathfinder

Creating Custom Gradients & Filling Shapes


Using the Color Guide Panel
Recoloring Objects

Preparing Objects for Duotone Print
Using Blend Modes


Creating and Editing Pattern Brushes
Creating and Editing Art Brushes
Creating and Editing Scatter Brushes
Updating Existing Brushes

Using Images in Brushes


Advanced Appearance Settings
Applying Effects to Text without Outlining
Copying Appearances

Using Live Effects

Graphic Styles


Saving and Applying Styles

3D and Perspective

Using the 3D filters

Editing 3D objects

Outlining 3D objects

Using the Perspective Grid
Changing the Perspective Grid
Drawing Objects in Perspective
Discussing Options and Limitations

Advanced Distortions

Using Warp Distortions
Using Mesh Distortions
Using Top Object Distortions

Combining Illustrator with Other Software

Importing Photoshop Files
Exporting to Photoshop
Linking to Photoshop

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