Adobe Photoshop - Advanced - 2 Days

Adobe Creative Cloud
Wednesday, 19 May 2021 08:00 AM - Thursday, 20 May 2021 04:00 PM

Adobe Photoshop is a complex and expansive highly creative graphics software program. This course goes way beyond the fundamentals and focuses on using numerous advanced techniques to take a graphic artist’s career to the next level. Attendees will concentrate on working within the Camera RAW interface, color balancing, sensor dust removal, graduated filters, advanced cropping, split toning, vignetting and other effects to make images look stylized and professional. The course also covers combining multiple exposures for High Dynamic Range (HDR), using layers, masks, blending modes, tools and filters to combine different images. Lab exercises and instructive demonstrations will also cover the best techniques to capture images that can be stitched together well and how to use Photomerge to create full panoramas from multiple photographs. This course is essential for anyone looking to expand their Photoshop knowledge and maximize their creative talents.

This course is taught Live On Line, so you can learn from the comfort of your home or office. Cost is $1,050.00 which includes all class materials - Class times: 8:00 am 4:00 pm PST.

If you don't own the software, you can download a free 30-day trial here

Course taught by an expert real-world Adobe Certified Instructor

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Photoshop Fundamentals

Course Outline

Camera RAW & HDR

Understanding RAW

Understanding HDR

Downloading RAW & JPEG Images from Digital Camera 

Adjusting Images in Camera RAW

Applying Settings to Multiple Images

Saving Different Versions

Saving DNG Images - Archiving Images

Working with RAW Images in Photoshop

JPEG vs. RAW - Color Correction Options

Combining Bracketed Exposures for 8, 16 & 32-bit HDR Single Image HDR Toning

Camera RAW as a Filter

Camera RAW Tools for Advanced Tools

Color Sampler Tool

Target Adjustment Tool

Transform Tool

Spot Removal Tool

Red Eye Removal Tool

Adjustment Brush Tool

Gradient Filter Tool

Radial Filter Tool

Channels and Path Palette

Using Quick Mask & Refining Mask Properties

Saving Selections and Editing Alpha Channels

Using the Pen Tool for Creating Work Paths & Selections 

Applying Channels as Layer Masks

Compositing and Blending Images

Adding Layers

White Balancing Images

Applying Filters & Effects

Applying Color Adjustments to Specific Layers

Using the Gradient Tool and Editing & Creating Gradients 

Tinting Images with Gradients & Fills

Eyedropper & Paint Bucket Tools

Applying Blending Modes to Layers

Changing Canvas Size

Using Pixel & Vector Masks

Editing Masks with Brushes and Masks Panel

Using Paste Into

Warping Pixels

Extracting Images from Complex Backgrounds

Editing Transparency Grid preferences 

Using the Erase & Smudge Tools

Advanced Crop Options

Perspective Crop
Hiding vs. Deleting Crop
Reveal All
Cropping to Size/Resolution

Aligning and Blending Multiple Images

Creating Panoramas

Auto-Aligning Images 

Using Content Aware Fill

Layer Comps and Photoshop Scripts

Managing Different Design Variations

Using Scripts to Export Comps

Color Profiles

Applying & Using Custom Color Profiles 

Adding Tonal Adjustments to Images

Sharpening Images with Filters

Using Smart Filters

Text, Styles and Shapes

Adding Type

Creating and Adding Layer Styles 

Using Custom Shapes

Working with Shape Layers 

Adding Custom Shapes

Actions and Automation

Creating Action Sets

Recording Simple and Complex Actions

Editing, Loading & Saving Actions

Using Actions in a Batch Operation

Applying Actions through Bridge and Photoshop 

Watermarking Images

Displacement Maps

Distorting Images with Realistic Displacement

Using Smart Objects

Understanding a Smart Object: Photoshop, RAW, or Illustrator

Editing the Smart Object

Importing Vector Files 

Rasterizing Vectors 

Creating Smart Objects Editing 

Smart Object Layers

Adobe Bridge

Running PSD Action
Batch Renaming

Other Batch Options

Special Print Options

Converting to Grayscale
Creating Duotones Spot Color Channels
Advanced Sharpening
L channel in LAB mode
High-Pass Method
Dupe layer
Apply Hi-Pass Filter
Overlay, Soft/Hard Light mode


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