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Apple Certified End User Test

We offer the Apple Certified End User test right after each course or you can take it at a later date. There are many advantages in becoming an Apple Certified End User. You can get listed on Apple's website in your state and you can use the Apple Certified Pro logo on your resume, website, business card etc.

The exam consists of approximately 80 questions. The pass rate is 80%, so you can get about 15 or 16 questions wrong and still pass. Some questions have a higher number of points attached to them. Most of the questions are multiple choice and some are directly related to screen shots of the interface.  

The exam costs $250.00 (An Apple Fee). You may take the test as many times as you like if you fail the first time. However, you will have to wait seven days before retaking the test. You do not need to take the course in order to take the test, but taking the course will undoubtedly increase your chances of passing the first time!


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