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All Things Apple - Tips & Tricks

It's 2019 -- time to blog again!  

iPhone Tip - Can't Answer The Phone?

Sometimes you just can't answer the phone - you're driving, in a meeting, grocery shopping or whatever, and while you could just let calls, you can't or don't want to take, go to voicemail, sometimes it's nicer to explain why you can't pick up. The iPhone lets you quickly respond to a call with a text message.

Depending on which version of iOS you're running, you either swipe upward on the phone icon that appears next to the unlock slider and choose Respond With Text, or tap the button labeled Message above the Slide To Answer slider.

To set a text message first go to Settings on the iPhone and go to Phone - on this page, you'll see the Respond with Text option.

iPhone Tips I0S

Select this and it brings up a screen where you can add your message. You'll see by default you'll get three pre-written options ("Call you back in a bit", "I'm on my way" and "Can I call you later?").  

Simply tap on the first greyed out option - I'm on my way. And start typing your new message.  In a meeting, can I call you back in a few, etc. tap return to save it.

Unfortunately, You can't have more than three responses. But, sending a text message in response to an unanswered call at least shows the person calling that you've acknowledged their call.  

Another nice feature is that you can instead tell the phone to remind you later to call back.

As with the auto text replies, the way you do this depends on your version of iOS you have installed: most likely, you tap the Remind Me button above the slide, but in earlier versions you had to swipe upwards before you could select Remind Me Later.

You have a couple of options: You can choose to be reminded in an hour, or "When I Leave' or (where applicable) 'When I Get Home'. Remember to make sure your address details are up to date in Contacts, so your iPhone knows where home is.

The timings will be based on your GPS movements.


iPhone Tip - Do Not Disturb:

iOs 12 Do Do Disturb

The Do Not Disturb function is very helpful. DoNotDisturboniPhone

If you use the Do Not Disturb function on your iPhone you might be interested to know that if you hold down the Do Not Disturb half moon icon in the Control Center - you get several useful options as you can see from the picture to the left.

To access the Control Center swipe upwards from the bottom of your phone.

So next time you are in that important meeting and don't want to be disturbed, use this handy shortcut.

Also, under Settings on your iPhone you have another set of options - e.g. Turn on Do Not Disturb when your iPhone is locked - or Allow calls from certain people like your boss or your kids if Do Not Disturb is on - so check these out too.  

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