PHP Fundamentals


Three days of hands-on training (8:00 am - 4:00 pm) - $1,395.00 - Enroll Now!

PHP is a popular, open-source programming language optimized for dynamic web pages and web-based applications, like registration systems, shopping carts, and polling systems. Many of today's high-traffic websites, such as Facebook and Yahoo, make extensive use of PHP.

Class Topics include:

• Install the PHP programming language and integrate it with Apache or IIS web servers
• Configure the php.ini file to specify error-reporting levels, mail servers, and more
• Implement common programming constructs in PHP: variables, conditionals, loops, input, and output
• Implement advanced programming constructs in PHP: arrays, associative arrays, escape special characters and define functions
• Programmatically retrieve and process HTML <form> input data
• Send emails programmatically from PHP scripts (e.g., registration confirmations)
• Store and retrieve data in a MySQL database
• Connect to, and manipulate data in any ODBC-compatible database, such as MS Access, SQL Server, or Oracle
• Manage session data, such as with logins and shopcart data
• Read from, and write to, text files on the server
• Implement common web techniques such as data drill-downs, database updates, and login/logout systems and much more!

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