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Ruby is a dynamic, reflective, object-oriented, general-purpose programming language and benefits from its wide support for a number of different applications. It has a very broad spectrum of use throughout computing and been used for everything from web applications - web servers - picture recognition engines - threaded database servers - and low-level system utilities. Ruby on Rails is a framework that uses and depends on the Ruby programming language. Think of a framework as a collection of pre-written code to help software engineers. In this case, the Rails framework is a collection of pre-written code to help programmers create common web application elements. This course will teach you how to use Ruby and Ruby on Rails for your diverse development projects.

Class Topics include:

• Differences between Ruby and Ruby on Rails
• Seeing everything as an object
• Working with code blocks
• Exploring the interactive mode
• Basic data types
• Create new tables for various data types, including dates, text, and numbers
• Add data records to your tables using appropriate syntax for each data type
• Update selected records using UPDATE and WHERE commands
• Ruby and Mixin
• Exploring array methods
• Understanding ActiveRecord and ActiveRelation
• Text editor
• Rendering templates and redirecting requests
• Defining and using classes
• Generating and running database migrations
• Control structures
• Remove out-of-date records
• Working with files and file paths
• Retrieve precisely the data you need using the SELECT command
• Script different SQL functions including math, string, and date functions
• Incorporate database triggers for tracking data changes
• Create efficient relationships between tables using inner joins
• Create robust SQL scripts as stored procedures
• Debugging and error handling


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